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Waterproofing of masonry elevations, Chicago and North Shore.

Waterproofing is the process of treating masonry surfaces with chemical agents to make them repel water. It is a common maintenance service which prolongs the life of masonry by minimizing its exposure to water damage. This is also a very effective way to stop existing leaks. Waterproofed masonry walls shed the water from wind driven rains instead of absorbing it.

Any porous masonry surface (Brick, Block, and Limestone) will benefit from waterproofing. Best Brickmasters has developed procedures that combine masonry techniques and sealer application to combat water penetration. Best Brickmasters uses variety of industry proven waterproofing products created and tested for the sole purpose of waterproofing masonry elevations. Whether walls are made of brick, CMU or stone our proven techniques will stop water from penetrating walls. Best Brickmasters offers warranty for waterproofing services for homeowners and Condominium Associations. You can find more information under “Leak Repairs“.