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Liners For Chimneys

The exterior portion of a chimney is built from brick or cement block. Inside, the chimney is lined with sections of clay flue designed to protect masonry from heat. Flue can be either round, square or rectangular. After many years of service, inside portions of the clay liners crumble, exposing bricks to heat and gases. In many cases rebuilding exterior top of the chimney won’t solve the problem of a faulty clay flue below the lowest point of the rebuild. Usually large portion of the chimney is located and surrounded by interior walls and therefore it is not accessible for total rebuilding. In such cases, independent metal liner will be necessary to isolate fumes from contact with inside portions of the chimney. Liners can be made of aluminum or stainless steel and they are directly connected to appliances in your basement ensuring appropriate ventilation.

Best Brickmasters can conduct visual inspection of the chimney flue pipes using advanced camera systems. The camera head is inserted into the flue whose results are displayed on a monitor.